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Hand-Sewn Pieces and their Benefits

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Typically, when anything is handmade, it takes time, effort, and attention to detail. These factors play a huge role in the quality of the finished product, ensuring that each component is perfect and each stitch is perfect At Lavanya Coodly, we are keenly aware of the importance of paying attention to even the smallest detail when it comes to clothing. This is why you will find that many of our hand-embroidered pieces also feature hand-stitching.

Putting the time into design and manufacturing pays off in the long run. On average, handmade pieces from high quality fabric tend to last far longer than machine-made, fast fashion. When a machine manufactures pieces in bulk with cheap fabric, weaknesses that the program or template of the machine simply cannot detect flaws. This is minimized greatly by the human eye and hand, where you can feel each thread, strength in a knot and control the speed of stitching and manipulate the fabric as needed. We believe that it is worth paying a slightly higher price for clothing that will last for years to come, rather than spending any money on something that will begin to deteriorate after a few washes. Make the most of your shopping experience by choosing pieces you know that will become a good investment- pieces that you can rely on to look good, feel good and wear well.

Typically, handmade pieces require high quality fabrics derived from natural resources. Rarely do you see them constructed from synthetic, less breathable fibers. Often, handmade pieces – like much of the selections offered in our store – are made from silk, cotton, linen, and wool. They will allow your skin to breathe and regulate your body temperature more effectively than synthetics and thus, provide comfort when you need it most. Cool cottons and linens for summer and warm wool and silks for winter are inviting season after season.

Another benefit of having pieces handmade is customization. At Lavanya Coodly, we offer Made to Measure option for many pieces in our selection, working closely with clients to bring their dream dress from sketch to reality. Brides may custom design their wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses and even bring in the groom to be fitted by us. Know that your piece is one-of-a-kind and personalized in every aspect by our experienced and talented staff !

Handmade pieces last longer, have unique differences, are never repetitive and tell a story that is not only yours but that others cannot help but notice. What would you like your story to be?

Why You Should Care About Environmentally Friendly Dyes

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It’s difficult to find someone right now that doesn’t care at all about the environment. As our anthropological impact on the Earth is becoming increasingly apparent and finding ways to mitigate that are crucial. At Lavanya Coodly, we know this. This is why, we invariably incorporate environmentally safe dyes in as many of our designs as possible. Look good and feel good about what you wear, every day.

What are environmentally safe dyes, anyway?

Environmentally safe dyes are low-impact dyes that require less water to complete the dyeing process. These dyes also do not contain toxic, environment harming chemicals. Overall, this leads to the “low-impact” title because the impact on the environment is greatly reduced. By using less water in the rinse process, and allowing for less dye to run off into the water, less water is consumed overall and fewer chemicals have a chance to run off the fabric.

Here are two of our favorite pieces featuring environmentally friendly dyes. We added a few styling suggestions to make incorporating environmentally conscious items into your wardrobe easy!

One of our favorite enviro-safe items is our unisex Organic Shirt. This shirt is available in both indigo and cream, with 100% cotton fabric. Pair this breathable option with jeans or shorts, and wear either open or closed. This versatile piece is a go-to for anyone!

Show off a little skin with our Bralette and Shorts combo. The beautiful green pattern is hand printed using environmentally safe dyes. This outfit will definitely make a statement – wear them with white or nude open toe sandals and a light, white scarf to drape behind your shoulders to finish the look.

The Ruched Skirt is a sweet little piece, featuring a feminine floral print and ruffles along the side. This skirt pairs beautifully with a red, navy, or white blouse and simple pumps of a similar color. Wear this to work, lunch, or a daytime party. “

We love to offer suggestions but remember that you are always your best stylist!

Six Sizzling Hot Looks for Date Night

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At Lavanya Coodly, it is our mission to make sure you look your best at all times. A date with your special someone is one of those particularly important events so we hand-selected several pieces to fit any style.

Here are six unique, sexy outfits chosen just for you – sure to impress on your next date!

The gorgeous Silk Panel Skirt has a floor length maxi-skirt and transparent silk paneling through the legs. Show off some skin while still keeping everything covered for more modest venues. This skirt pairs perfectly with many options, but try not to choose a top with a loud print – a pop of color is always welcome though! Dress this outfit up or down with heels or sandals.

If you’re heading to a glamorous show or a trendy dinner, try on our Ewa Dress for size. This mini-dress will turn heads with its dazzling blush and gold floral embroidery. Show off your legs with the short length and tulle peeking from the hemline. This dress is a perfect standalone piece and will match wonderfully with plain strappy heels and a few gold bangles.

For those who like to show some skin, our Bralette and Shorts set is the perfect match. This duo has a fun green print and exciting cutouts below the bust. Wear to your next rooftop bar outing, on a day relaxing in a beach town, beating the heat in a city or vacationing in the tropics ! Keep your accessories plain with this one and go for medium height heels.

If the dreamy, feminine look is for you, the Karley Skirt is your new go-to item! This soft blue and white striped skirt with a classic A-line shape will flatter you in all the right places. Pair with a white top, high-ponytail, and even higher heels for a sweet-yet-sexy look.

The Jacqueline Trapeze Maxi Dress will release your inner bohemian goddess. This breezy maxi dress transitions from bright teal to deep blue and the neckline adjusts so you can find your perfect fit. Accessorize with a belt and sandals for the perfect sunny day outfit. Pair with gold hoops for a final touch.

If you like a classic look, the Henriette Dress is the dress for you. This stunning, simple piece features a frame hugging style with a white box pattern at the hem. Match pearls and black pumps with this dress to complete “your” look.

At LAVANYA Coodly, we work hard to provide unique and finely crafted pieces to meet any of your fashion needs.  We focus on designing garments for sophisticated men and women that pursue diverse interests and passions.  From those who work and travel to others who commit their time to charities, supporting the fine arts, engaging in self empowerment activities, or just relaxing with friends and family, we have something for each lifestyle choice. We would like you to be well dressed no matter what you are doing.

Seven Runway-Worthy Looks You Can Pull Off Any Day

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Here are seven outfits hand picked for you that could easily be seen gracing the runway (and some pieces actually have!). Look like a model every day of the week in our designs – made from the highest quality fabric with comfort in mind.


Chief Executive – The exquisite silk Pratt Shirt  is exactly the kind of powerhouse piece you need in your wardrobe. With hand-beaded crystals and a classic neckline, this top is sophisticated enough to wear to your most formal events. We recommend pairing the Pratt Shirt with high-waisted, wide-legged black trousers with a thick waistband to flatter the waist and hips. Throw on a pair of black pumps for a polished, professional look.


Tea Time – For your next afternoon outing, try pairing the Delia Tunic Top tucked into the Split Hem Pants. The soft color options for the Delia Tunic matched with white pants creates an ultra-feminine color scheme, complemented by aurora borealis-finished Swarovski crystals along the left shoulder. The Delia Tunic is available in pink, green, and blue – all in equally powdery, beautiful shades. This outfit would look perfect with nude, strappy heels.


The Queen Has Arrived – Whether you’re the Queen of Hearts or the Queen of Rock, the Embroidered Cropped Jacket is a must-have piece if you’re looking for bold style in your outfits. This jacket matches beautifully with the simple, understated Jocelyne Gown and small gold earrings for a formal event. It can even be dressed down with jeans, a black tank-top, and chunky leather ankle boots.


Charmed –  The Poetic Blouse and Ninaa Skirt are a match made in heaven. The luscious red color of the blouse and detailing in the skirt create a color coordinating ensemble without being overly harmonious. This outfit is perfect for a lunch date, baby shower, or any other lighthearted daytime event.


Girl’s Night Out –  For your next night out on the town with your best ladies, you have to try on the Detachable Jumper. The bright red color and sexy waist cutouts will have all eyes on you. The exposed skin and heart-shaped neckline will flatter your every curve without revealing too much. You can dress this piece up or down as much as you’d like with all kinds of jewelry. We recommend pairing with a neutral colored shoe.

At LAVANYA Coodly, we work hard to provide unique and finely crafted pieces to meet any of your fashion needs.  We focus on designing garments for sophisticated men and women that pursue diverse interests and passions.  From those who work and travel to others who commit their time to charities, supporting the fine arts, engaging in self empowerment activities, or just relaxing with friends and family, we have something for each lifestyle choice. We would like you to be well dressed no matter what you are doing.

Choosing The Right Clothing Colors for Your Skin Tone

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To look your best, it helps to choose the right colors. clothing in the right color will enhance your best features and makes you appear brighter. we offer a tips to help you find your best colors. First, determine which color skin tone you have using a few simple methods. Think about how your skin reacts after a day in the sun: if you’re prone to burning you, probably have cool undertones, and if you normally tan, you most likely have warm undertones. For dark skin tones, however, it is possible to have cool undertones and not burn quickly. Next, find an area of natural sunlight and hold a piece of white paper up to your (makeup free) face. If your skin looks pink or blue, you have cool undertones and if it appears yellow-green or brown, you have warm undertones. Lastly, examine the veins on your wrist. Blue or purple veins mean you have cool undertones, green or yellow veins mean you have warm undertones. If these tests are coming up inconclusive for you, you probably have neutral undertones. Here are some great options for cool, warm and neutral skin tones we offer at Lavanya Coodly.


Cool skin tones work wonderfully with “cool” colors like blues, greys, purples, and rosey reds. “Warm” colors should be avoided, like orange, red, and yellow, which will wash out skin-tone. Celebrities with cool skin tones include Nicole Kidman and Lupita Nyong’o.

Try the Green Beaded Dress, a bright green knee-length long-sleeved dress with delicate black beading throughout the piece. This bright jewel tone will bring out all of your best features and make your skin shine.


Another great option for cool skin tones is the Paige Trapeze Dress. This dress IS 100% silk design WITH a SELF BELTED cinched waist – perfect for dressing up or down. The light blue top fades beautifully into white for a perfect summer piece.


The bold Cate Dress with bright green and blue coloring is perfect for those with cool undertones. This dress has a unique bias cut and intricate VELVET detailing making for an eye-catching look.



Those with warm undertones should stick to “warm” colors like olive, off-white, orange, and yellow. Definitely avoid jewel tones like royal blue and emerald green, these colors will clash and make your skin and eyes appear dull.

The Embroidered Top from our Spring Collection is a great piece for warm skin tones. The look features a sheer hi-low asymmetric hemline skirt and a crop top with hand beading in a floral design. Look like a summer dream with the barely blush color bringing out the warmth in your skin tone.


The Ikat Weave Skirt iS a fun, herringbone-patterned piece with a woven striped design. This skirt has the ever popular functional pockets and a comfortable, ruched three-inch wide waistband. The bright orange color is a great match for warm undertones.



Those with neutral skin tones are lucky to have the ability to carry off most colors, but often look best in muted, softer colors. Additionally, bright red looks beautiful on neutral skin tones. Look for jades, “dusty” colors, coffee, black, and charcoal – nothing too oversaturated.

For a glamorous night out, try our Carmi Slip Dress. This muted green floor length dress is made from 100% silk with a timeless shape. The color is striking without overpowering your skin tone.


The Hannah Skirt comes in a brilliant bright red fabric, with a full length skirt and underskirt for added flair. Add the side tie belt as a finishing touch and this skirt is a perfect match with a white or nude top.

At LAVANYA Coodly, we work hard to provide unique and finely crafted pieces to meet any of your fashion needs.  We focus on designing garments for sophisticated men and women that pursue diverse interests and passions.  From those who work and travel to others who commit their time to charities, supporting the fine arts, engaging in self empowerment activities, or just relaxing with friends and family, we have something for each lifestyle choice. We would like you to be well dressed no matter what you are doing.

Fall Wedding Guest Dress Trends

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Peak wedding season is around the corner, with fall weather ushering in a much needed break from the heat. Look no further for your guide on this season’s upcoming wedding guest dress trends. We know it can be difficult to find the right outfit for a wedding – you want to look and feel your best, all without taking attention away from the happy couple. Here at Lavanya Coodly, we are committed to ensuring our clients have perfect, on-trend pieces for every type of wedding venue.

As you begin your search, make sure you’re aware of the venue and if there is a dress code. This will help to narrow down the style and length of dress, especially important for outdoor events. With color, white is best avoided unless in a tropical climate. Great options for fall include teal, maroon, mustard, beige, purple, and forest or emerald green. Pair your dress with practical shoes – comfort is key when you’ll be on your feet all day!

Here are great examples of dresses that fit within any budget:

The Xiara Dress is an affordable shift dress with a beautiful rose print. This understated-yet-interesting piece is perfect for those who prefer neutral tones. The accent pockets bring additional functionality. At $75, this dress is an easy go-to.

With its hand-sewn crystal beading, the Shay Crystal Dress is a striking selection for your next wedding. Made from 100% silk and accompanied by a circle of crystals by the neckline, this dress accessorizes itself. Pair with a black shawl and tights in cooler weather.

If you’re looking for a pop of color, the Raisa Dress is perfect for you. This dress is made from cotton silk, which is incredibly breathable and great for any climate – especially a beach wedding. Pair with a belt for a more casual look or dress it up with heels and minimalist jewelry.  

Look no further for the perfect early fall wedding gown. The Strapless Embroidered Dress incorporates a timeless style with updated embroidery and colors. This dress features a sleek, strapless look with a youthful, bohemian pattern.

If attending a wedding in an upscale venue, the Tara Gown is a beautiful option. The unique silver fabric will surely turn heads in this stunning piece.

The Bella Gown is a beautiful 100% crepe silk floor length gown. You’ll be sure to dazzle with this dress that is carefully embroidered above the waist and corseted in the back. This timeless piece also comes in a sapphire blue color

If you want to explore your adventurous side at a wedding, our Ivory Beaded Dress is the perfect dress for you. Featuring an all over lace design, it is a sheer beaded dress with a slight train. This dress with flow with your body as you walk, giving you a dazzling look for the wedding you’re attending.

Also, don’t forget it’s never too late to customize a wedding dress. At Lavanya Coodly, we strive to create dresses that fit every person’s needs. Our designers are happy to work on any custom order to give you the most personalized experience you could hope for. Our team will work with you to make sure that your dress is everything you could want.

At LAVANYA Coodly, we work hard to provide unique and finely crafted pieces to meet any of your fashion needs.  We focus on designing garments for sophisticated men and women that pursue diverse interests and passions.  From those who work and travel to others who commit their time to charities, supporting the fine arts, engaging in self empowerment activities, or just relaxing with friends and family, we have something for each lifestyle choice. We would like you to be well dressed no matter what you are doing. “

Why Silk Still Reigns Supreme

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At Lavanya Coodly, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest quality fabrics and styles. That is why we primarily use silk in our designs. This versatile fabric comprised of natural protein fibers was first manufactured in China over eight thousand years ago and rapidly became a highly sought after trading good, first in Eastern culture and quickly spreading west.  Not only is silk beautiful and soft to the touch, but there are many benefits that come along with wearing it.

Silk, due to its protein-rich makeup, is an extremely strong fabric despite having a very thin weave. This durability is invaluable in today’s world of fast-fashion and cheap, synthetic fibers. Silk has incredible properties that allow for breathability in the heat and warmth retention as it gets cooler. As it’s weaved, the threads come together to provide a beautiful shine that is impossible to mimic without losing the texture, durability, and natural breathability. Another perk, silk is entirely hypoallergenic and will not aggravate the skin or cause allergic reactions. This fabric withstands the test of time, yet another reason you should invest in silk – feel good, look good, and know you’re wearing something that has been at the height of style for millennia.

The versatility of silk shines through in our collection. Depending upon the style, silk can be manipulated to provide high shine, opaque designs, and transparent detailing. Lounge by the pool looking glamorous and summer-chic in our Helene Caftan, thin enough to be worn as a cover up on a hot summer day, and luxurious enough to even wear as a dress out on the town.

The Bella Gownis reminiscent of a bohemian goddess, with a touch of luxury. The strength of silk allows us to embroider crystals at the waist creating an eye-catching centerpiece. Or look like you’re walking on a cloud as the wind catches silk in a beautiful way, causing cascading falls throughout the long skirt of our Cate Dress.

At LAVANYA Coodly, we work hard to provide unique and finely crafted pieces to meet any of your fashion needs.  We focus on designing garments for sophisticated men and women that pursue diverse interests and passions.  From those who work and travel to others who commit their time to charities, supporting the fine arts, engaging in self empowerment activities, or just relaxing with friends and family, we have something for each lifestyle choice. We would like you to be well dressed no matter what you are doing. “

Keeping It Neutral

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As the cultural landscape changes, so does the fashion industry. An interesting change in recent years has been the adoption of more feminine styles in men’s wear and conversely adding masculine elements to men’s wear. No longer is it uncommon to see men’s collections adorned with loud prints, bright colors, and sheer fabrics. Years ago, a man wearing pink was perceived as a threat to masculinity – now, wearing pink is as simple as it should be. This opens doors for personal expression and allowing how you define yourself to shine through in your clothing.

Going even farther back, it’s difficult to imagine a time when women were judged harshly for wearing pants, especially when the centerpiece of many of today’s outfits is a pair of sexy leather pants or breezy, wide-leg trousers.

Accessories have also started to migrate over the blurring gender-lines. With the rise of the hip bag (given the euphonious, colloquial name of the “fanny pack”), more men are joining their bag-carrying female counterparts. Bohemian scarves with fringe, tight fitting men’s pants, loose women’s clothing, and the return of the bulky shoulder-pad all mark the beginning of a transitioning market.

The oversized tunic, hailing influences from eastern cultures, is a useful piece in men’s and women’s fashion because of its versatility. Tunics can serve as great layering pieces in the winter over leggings and under sweaters. If oversized, tunics can be dresses in the summer. The Anna Tunicis a beautifully decorated black and gold tunic, long enough to be worn as a dress, and perfect over some black cropped tights.

Some designers have seen the opportunity to do away with gender labels all together, creating unisex lines. At Lavanya Coodly, we strive to be at the cusp of all trends, which is why our current collection features the Unisex Shorts. These beachy, striped shorts have a place in anyone’scloset – not confined to a single category. Loosening the shackles on what someone can and cannot do has helped spur a beautiful and eclectic crossover, allowing for creativity to pour in. Here at Lavanya Coodly,any of our menswear designs, pants, shirts, sweaters, coats or jackets can be ordered in women’s sizes and worn by both genders, thus blurring lines between them and allowing for freedom of expression.

Express Yourself

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Here at Lavanya Coodly, we know being unapologetically yourself is in! This is why we offer a wide range of prints and styles to allow for full personal expression. Pick a bold piece that lets your wild side shine through, or a gauzy feminine piece that highlights your demure side. Lavanya Coodly offers hundreds of avenues for personal expression while maintaining quality and utilizing premium fabrics. Looking for something to wear to your next summer garden party? The Abbey Dress with its floral embroidery and sequin accents might be a perfect match! Have a glamorous gala coming up and want to make a statement? Our fiery Strapless Beaded Dress would have you turning heads. Or maybe a wedding, where you don’t want to steal attention, yet still want to look your best? The Gold Shimmer Dress is a beautiful combination of classic and eye-catching. In a world of neutral running tights and athletic shoes, let your formal wear stand out and make a statement. You are certainly not boring, why should your clothes be?

Showing Skin (the right way)

Although we’ve ushered out the era of mini-skirts and barely-there pieces, showing skin is still here in a BIG way. From athleisure to cutting-edge runway styles, sheer fabric and peekaboo cut outs have firmly cemented their place in the fashion world. Lavanya Coodly has wide range of styles offering a classy way to spice up your look and draw attention in all the right ways. The Lattice Dress with a strategically placed cut out position creates a dynamic beachy look

The Silk Panel Skirt accentuates legs while still retaining modesty, perfect summer attire for a breezy day by the water. Even finding a black-tie dress with translucent elements is easy, the Valerie Dress retains modesty without losing its sexy edge.

It’s All About Highlighting

 We aren’t talking about makeup here – we mean highlighting your natural figure! Emphasis on natural. This year has been all about being your authentic self, so why not embrace the body you have? Flaunt it! Whether you have hourglass curves or an athletic build, Lavanya Coodly has pieces that will accentuate everything you love about your body. Long, lean legs? Show them off with some breezy relaxed fit pants, like our Erica Pants. Tiny waist, full hips? Try any one of our adorable, cinched-waist dresses like the Black Bubble Dress. Lavanya Coodly is committed to supplying the perfect match for our customers’ needs and catering to whatever your lifestyle may require.

Choosing The Right Dress For Your Body Shape

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Picking a great color and fabric for your dress is important, but what’s more important is making sure it fits your figure. Your body shape can make all the difference in your new dress. Every woman has a different body which can make it tough to find the perfect fitting dress, but luckily most bodies fall within a few categories. Apple shaped, pear shaped, hourglass shaped, and athletic are the predominant body types.

Apple shaped bodies look like inverted triangles. Bodies like this have wide shoulders with a less defined waist or curvy hips.  Apple shaped bodies typically look good in dresses with Empire Waists higher up on the dress. Full skirts also look good for ladies with an apple shaped body. On the other hand, avoid wearing belts or anything that brings attention to the midsection

Ladies with pear shaped bodies typically have wide hips and narrow shoulders. Ladies with pear shaped bodies typically have bigger rears and narrower shoulders. These bodies often have the issue of needing a different size on top and on the bottom. If you have a pear shaped body you’ll want to find a dress that helps make your figure look more uniform throughout. You should look for dresses with tops like blouses to help give you this effect. If you love sheath and shift dresses, you’ll want to have them altered to your body type. Two piece dresses might also be a better fit for you.

For an hourglass shaped body, you’ll be all around curvy. You’ll have a well defined waist and your bust and hip measurements will be similar. You might have a full bust and full waist also. If you have an hourglass shaped body, you can buy a dress that’ll help accentuate those curves. You might want to buy knit dresses or sheaths with fitted waists that help bring out your natural feminine figure. For the most part, you’ll want to stay away from anything like a shift dress that hides your natural shape.

If you work out, or were born with a naturally more muscular or athletic body, you might have a hard time deciding what to wear beyond workout clothes. You might look great in some Adidas or Nike clothing, or maybe some yoga pants, but what about when you want to go out at night? Well, in our opinion you can’t really go wrong. No matter what you wear, you will have something to show off. You can go sleeveless, and show off your toned arms. You can wear something that’s a halter top that’s cut off lower, and it will help show off your defined collarbones. If you are worried about thick legs, you can consider wearing something with a cinched waist, which might even make you look a little more curvy and attain that hourglass shape.


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