As the cultural landscape changes, so does the fashion industry. An interesting change in recent years has been the adoption of more feminine styles in men’s wear and conversely adding masculine elements to men’s wear. No longer is it uncommon to see men’s collections adorned with loud prints, bright colors, and sheer fabrics. Years ago, a man wearing pink was perceived as a threat to masculinity – now, wearing pink is as simple as it should be. This opens doors for personal expression and allowing how you define yourself to shine through in your clothing.

Going even farther back, it’s difficult to imagine a time when women were judged harshly for wearing pants, especially when the centerpiece of many of today’s outfits is a pair of sexy leather pants or breezy, wide-leg trousers.

Accessories have also started to migrate over the blurring gender-lines. With the rise of the hip bag (given the euphonious, colloquial name of the “fanny pack”), more men are joining their bag-carrying female counterparts. Bohemian scarves with fringe, tight fitting men’s pants, loose women’s clothing, and the return of the bulky shoulder-pad all mark the beginning of a transitioning market.

The oversized tunic, hailing influences from eastern cultures, is a useful piece in men’s and women’s fashion because of its versatility. Tunics can serve as great layering pieces in the winter over leggings and under sweaters. If oversized, tunics can be dresses in the summer. The Anna Tunicis a beautifully decorated black and gold tunic, long enough to be worn as a dress, and perfect over some black cropped tights.

Some designers have seen the opportunity to do away with gender labels all together, creating unisex lines. At Lavanya Coodly, we strive to be at the cusp of all trends, which is why our current collection features the Unisex Shorts. These beachy, striped shorts have a place in anyone’scloset – not confined to a single category. Loosening the shackles on what someone can and cannot do has helped spur a beautiful and eclectic crossover, allowing for creativity to pour in. Here at Lavanya Coodly,any of our menswear designs, pants, shirts, sweaters, coats or jackets can be ordered in women’s sizes and worn by both genders, thus blurring lines between them and allowing for freedom of expression.

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