Lavanya Coodly founded her namesake luxury womenswear label in 2014. Inspired by her love of sophisticated urban landscapes and tranquil countryside, the label combines romanticism with timeless design and a modern aesthetic. Always in love with fashion and garment making, Lavanya designed her first dress at the age of seven from blue lace fabric gifted to her by her mother. Self-taught from an early age, Lavanya came to appreciate fine hand-craftsmanship and clothing that is functional, beautifully constructed, and dreamy. Each special design is thoughtfully created from a sketch that is edited and revised to meet her stringent requirements for the perfect silhouette, fit, and comfort. To minimize waste, clothing is made to order and the leftover fabric is re-purposed into usable items. Designed in New York City, the Lavanya Coodly label employs talent in the metropolis that she has called home since 1992.

Since the label’s founding, Lavanya Coodly has dressed celebrities on the red carpet and her designs have been featured in upcoming fashion-forward magazines in Europe and the United States. Lavanya has also been a featured designer for the Miss India organization since 2017. Never gaudy or over the top, the label has steadily become a favorite among a niched and exclusive group of private clients who appreciate Lavanya’s understated taste and love of strategic accessorizing to create the perfectly chic day look or evening glamour. Always eager to create and explore new territories, Lavanya has expanded to include capsule collections in menswear, childrenswear and accessories. At the end of the day, the Lavanya Coodly label honors and exists for that customer who looks in the mirror, love what they see, and willingly spends their hard-earned money to make a purchase.

“My parents taught me the value of experiencing other cultures, learning languages, enjoying diverse cuisines, and appreciating music and dance from an early age. Combining colors, fabric and textures was an everyday thing for me. I grew up learning knitting, weaving, print-making, embroidery, and sewing. The magic of these crafts and the opportunity to create something new inspires me every day. When I reflect on my childhood and the experiences in my adult life, I see endless possibilities and an enchanting new world each day”. – Lavanya Coodly

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