Choosing The Right Dress For Your Body Shape

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Picking a great color and fabric for your dress is important, but what’s more important is making sure it fits your figure. Your body shape can make all the difference in your new dress. Every woman has a different body which can make it tough to find the perfect fitting dress, but luckily most bodies fall within a few categories. Apple shaped, pear shaped, hourglass shaped, and athletic are the predominant body types.

Apple shaped bodies look like inverted triangles. Bodies like this have wide shoulders with a less defined waist or curvy hips.  Apple shaped bodies typically look good in dresses with Empire Waists higher up on the dress. Full skirts also look good for ladies with an apple shaped body. On the other hand, avoid wearing belts or anything that brings attention to the midsection

Ladies with pear shaped bodies typically have wide hips and narrow shoulders. Ladies with pear shaped bodies typically have bigger rears and narrower shoulders. These bodies often have the issue of needing a different size on top and on the bottom. If you have a pear shaped body you’ll want to find a dress that helps make your figure look more uniform throughout. You should look for dresses with tops like blouses to help give you this effect. If you love sheath and shift dresses, you’ll want to have them altered to your body type. Two piece dresses might also be a better fit for you.

For an hourglass shaped body, you’ll be all around curvy. You’ll have a well defined waist and your bust and hip measurements will be similar. You might have a full bust and full waist also. If you have an hourglass shaped body, you can buy a dress that’ll help accentuate those curves. You might want to buy knit dresses or sheaths with fitted waists that help bring out your natural feminine figure. For the most part, you’ll want to stay away from anything like a shift dress that hides your natural shape.

If you work out, or were born with a naturally more muscular or athletic body, you might have a hard time deciding what to wear beyond workout clothes. You might look great in some Adidas or Nike clothing, or maybe some yoga pants, but what about when you want to go out at night? Well, in our opinion you can’t really go wrong. No matter what you wear, you will have something to show off. You can go sleeveless, and show off your toned arms. You can wear something that’s a halter top that’s cut off lower, and it will help show off your defined collarbones. If you are worried about thick legs, you can consider wearing something with a cinched waist, which might even make you look a little more curvy and attain that hourglass shape.


Wearing Luxury Brand Clothing Has More Benefits Than You Could Have Imagined

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Would you have guessed that wearing well-tailored dresses can help give you that upper edge you need in that big interview you have coming up?

Or that it can cause your coworkers to view you in a better light?

According to a study posted in the Journal of Business Research, the difference in how you dress can drastically change how you are viewed by others, especially in a work setting. In this particular study, researchers selected a group of more than 150 observers and showed them the same woman in the same scenario wearing different clothing (high quality with an identifiable brand, clothing with a cheap brand, and clothing with no brand).

The observers were also shown a video of the same woman interviewing for a job wearing the different clothing sets, and were asked to rate the woman on how capable they were for the job and how much they should be paid.

As observed in the study, researchers determined that wearing more elegant clothing had a direct impact on the observer’s perception of the interviewee’s attractiveness, which lent toward their credibility in the interview. Since the applicant was perceived as more attractive and likely to succeed, they were given the job more often. On top of this, it was deemed fitting that the well-dressed woman should get paid more than the others, even though it was the same exact person. The main takeaway: Whether you want to look good on a date or are interviewing for that dream job you always wanted, dressing in finely crafted clothing can make all the difference in helping deliver the result you want to achieve.

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