It’s difficult to find someone right now that doesn’t care at all about the environment. As our anthropological impact on the Earth is becoming increasingly apparent and finding ways to mitigate that are crucial. At Lavanya Coodly, we know this. This is why, we invariably incorporate environmentally safe dyes in as many of our designs as possible. Look good and feel good about what you wear, every day.

What are environmentally safe dyes, anyway?

Environmentally safe dyes are low-impact dyes that require less water to complete the dyeing process. These dyes also do not contain toxic, environment harming chemicals. Overall, this leads to the “low-impact” title because the impact on the environment is greatly reduced. By using less water in the rinse process, and allowing for less dye to run off into the water, less water is consumed overall and fewer chemicals have a chance to run off the fabric.

Here are two of our favorite pieces featuring environmentally friendly dyes. We added a few styling suggestions to make incorporating environmentally conscious items into your wardrobe easy!

One of our favorite enviro-safe items is our unisex Organic Shirt. This shirt is available in both indigo and cream, with 100% cotton fabric. Pair this breathable option with jeans or shorts, and wear either open or closed. This versatile piece is a go-to for anyone!

Show off a little skin with our Bralette and Shorts combo. The beautiful green pattern is hand printed using environmentally safe dyes. This outfit will definitely make a statement – wear them with white or nude open toe sandals and a light, white scarf to drape behind your shoulders to finish the look.

The Ruched Skirt is a sweet little piece, featuring a feminine floral print and ruffles along the side. This skirt pairs beautifully with a red, navy, or white blouse and simple pumps of a similar color. Wear this to work, lunch, or a daytime party. “

We love to offer suggestions but remember that you are always your best stylist!

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