To look your best, it helps to choose the right colors. clothing in the right color will enhance your best features and makes you appear brighter. we offer a tips to help you find your best colors. First, determine which color skin tone you have using a few simple methods. Think about how your skin reacts after a day in the sun: if you’re prone to burning you, probably have cool undertones, and if you normally tan, you most likely have warm undertones. For dark skin tones, however, it is possible to have cool undertones and not burn quickly. Next, find an area of natural sunlight and hold a piece of white paper up to your (makeup free) face. If your skin looks pink or blue, you have cool undertones and if it appears yellow-green or brown, you have warm undertones. Lastly, examine the veins on your wrist. Blue or purple veins mean you have cool undertones, green or yellow veins mean you have warm undertones. If these tests are coming up inconclusive for you, you probably have neutral undertones. Here are some great options for cool, warm and neutral skin tones we offer at Lavanya Coodly.


Cool skin tones work wonderfully with “cool” colors like blues, greys, purples, and rosey reds. “Warm” colors should be avoided, like orange, red, and yellow, which will wash out skin-tone. Celebrities with cool skin tones include Nicole Kidman and Lupita Nyong’o.

Try the Green Beaded Dress, a bright green knee-length long-sleeved dress with delicate black beading throughout the piece. This bright jewel tone will bring out all of your best features and make your skin shine.

Another great option for cool skin tones is the Paige Trapeze Dress. This dress IS 100% silk design WITH a SELF BELTED cinched waist – perfect for dressing up or down. The light blue top fades beautifully into white for a perfect summer piece.

The bold Cate Dress with bright green and blue coloring is perfect for those with cool undertones. This dress has a unique bias cut and intricate VELVET detailing making for an eye-catching look.


Those with warm undertones should stick to “warm” colors like olive, off-white, orange, and yellow. Definitely avoid jewel tones like royal blue and emerald green, these colors will clash and make your skin and eyes appear dull.

The Embroidered Top from our Spring Collection is a great piece for warm skin tones. The look features a sheer hi-low asymmetric hemline skirt and a crop top with hand beading in a floral design. Look like a summer dream with the barely blush color bringing out the warmth in your skin tone.

The Ikat Weave Skirt iS a fun, herringbone-patterned piece with a woven striped design. This skirt has the ever popular functional pockets and a comfortable, ruched three-inch wide waistband. The bright orange color is a great match for warm undertones.


Those with neutral skin tones are lucky to have the ability to carry off most colors, but often look best in muted, softer colors. Additionally, bright red looks beautiful on neutral skin tones. Look for jades, “dusty” colors, coffee, black, and charcoal – nothing too oversaturated.

For a glamorous night out, try our Carmi Slip Dress. This muted green floor length dress is made from 100% silk with a timeless shape. The color is striking without overpowering your skin tone.

The Hannah Skirt comes in a brilliant bright red fabric, with a full length skirt and underskirt for added flair. Add the side tie belt as a finishing touch and this skirt is a perfect match with a white or nude top.

At LAVANYA Coodly, we work hard to provide unique and finely crafted pieces to meet any of your fashion needs.  We focus on designing garments for sophisticated men and women that pursue diverse interests and passions.  From those who work and travel to others who commit their time to charities, supporting the fine arts, engaging in self empowerment activities, or just relaxing with friends and family, we have something for each lifestyle choice. We would like you to be well dressed no matter what you are doing.

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