At Lavanya Coodly, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest quality fabrics and styles. That is why we primarily use silk in our designs. This versatile fabric comprised of natural protein fibers was first manufactured in China over eight thousand years ago and rapidly became a highly sought after trading good, first in Eastern culture and quickly spreading west.  Not only is silk beautiful and soft to the touch, but there are many benefits that come along with wearing it.

Silk, due to its protein-rich makeup, is an extremely strong fabric despite having a very thin weave. This durability is invaluable in today’s world of fast-fashion and cheap, synthetic fibers. Silk has incredible properties that allow for breathability in the heat and warmth retention as it gets cooler. As it’s weaved, the threads come together to provide a beautiful shine that is impossible to mimic without losing the texture, durability, and natural breathability. Another perk, silk is entirely hypoallergenic and will not aggravate the skin or cause allergic reactions. This fabric withstands the test of time, yet another reason you should invest in silk – feel good, look good, and know you’re wearing something that has been at the height of style for millennia.

The versatility of silk shines through in our collection. Depending upon the style, silk can be manipulated to provide high shine, opaque designs, and transparent detailing. Lounge by the pool looking glamorous and summer-chic in our Helene Caftan, thin enough to be worn as a cover up on a hot summer day, and luxurious enough to even wear as a dress out on the town.

The Bella Gownis reminiscent of a bohemian goddess, with a touch of luxury. The strength of silk allows us to embroider crystals at the waist creating an eye-catching centerpiece. Or look like you’re walking on a cloud as the wind catches silk in a beautiful way, causing cascading falls throughout the long skirt of our Cate Dress.

At LAVANYA Coodly, we work hard to provide unique and finely crafted pieces to meet any of your fashion needs.  We focus on designing garments for sophisticated men and women that pursue diverse interests and passions.  From those who work and travel to others who commit their time to charities, supporting the fine arts, engaging in self empowerment activities, or just relaxing with friends and family, we have something for each lifestyle choice. We would like you to be well dressed no matter what you are doing. “

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