We are a growing label that is designed to resonate with the modern free-spirit. Our aesthetic connects with the adventurous and open-minded who embrace new experiences and confidently express their personal style. Leading lives on their own terms, our clients dress to please themselves.

Each collection features tailored styles alongside effortless, fluid pieces. Our range extends from career to weekend chic; restrained glamour to bespoke haute couture where unbridled imagination is possible.

Inspiration and Vision:

Initially launched in 2014 as a womenswear label, our repertoire has expanded to include menswear, childrenswear and accessories. Inspiration is derived from the world around us as much as exotic faraway destinations that catalyze a desire to test new ideas. Through our work, we want to preserve traditional handcraftsmanship, encourage innovation and nurture every talented member of our team. We consistently employ environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices in our production and remain mindful of the need to address global inequities.

The Creative Director:

The Creative Director is Lavanya Coodly for whom designing had been a quietly nurtured passion. After many professional years in science, Lavanya re-tooled her skillset with a degree in Business and Economics. Building a team of creatives with a shared vision and pursuing a career that intersects with the world of design, photography, film and music became an attractive second career of choice.

The Team:

Our growing team consists of design graduates working collaboratively to develop color stories, create original prints and design new silhouettes for each collection. Pattern makers, tailors, hand embroidery artists, hand knitters and many others also work behind the scene. We are grateful to our dedicated team members whose consistent effort makes it possible to do what we love.

Special Consideration:

We are pleased to offer bespoke and couture options. Please contact inquiries@lavanyacoodly.com for more information.